CT Scans

A CT scan is a type of medical test that utilizes X-rays to look at the internal structures of the body. This type of test is performed using a special dye, called a contrast agent, which is given by mouth, injection, or enema. This dye highlights specific areas of the body, resulting in a clearer picture. Two commonly used contrast agents are iodine and barium.

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Before undergoing a CT scan, patients may experience a metallic taste in their mouth or a warm sensation. Some people may pass urine during the procedure. A radiologist will review the images taken during the scan and will explain to them the findings. People with certain allergies may want to forgo the use of contrast media. If so, they may receive a medication or allergy-preventing steroid or other medications. Afterward, patients can return to their regular activities.

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Computerized tomography (CT) scanners use X-rays to produce detailed images of internal organs and tissues. They can help doctors detect various diseases and plan treatment accordingly. However, CT scans can increase the risk of getting cancer. If you undergo a CT scan, you should avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances. It can cause damage to your organs and can affect your health. You should always consult a medical professional before undergoing a CT scan.

A technologist is in the control room of the scanner. They can see you through the window or intercom system to ensure your safety. During the scan, you may be asked to hold your breath because breathing can cause blurring of the x-ray images. If the contrast material is administered, the technologist will ask you to stay still for a short while before leaving the room. After the scan, you may need to drink plenty of fluids to flush it out of your body.

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