Gender-Based Differences in School Sports

Gender-based differences in school sports are widely known, and the effects on females are no less severe than on males. Female athletes suffer from low social status and derogatory remarks related to their athletic abilities. In a recent study, three-fourths of the sample reported hearing discouraging comments about their sports participation, with male peers being the main source of such comments. In contrast, coaches and teachers were the least likely sources of discouraging comments.

Despite the efforts of Title IX and other programs to increase women’s participation in sports, this disparity still persists. While more women are participating in school sports today, the numbers remain the same or even lower than in years past. Gender stereotypes still limit female participation in sports. However, more recent studies indicate that gender-based disparities in participation can be cured by creating a more balanced board of both sexes.

As these findings indicate, school-based disparities in sports have a direct impact on female college and career opportunities. High-school sports participation is correlated with academic achievement and increased likelihood of graduating from college. Participation in sports also leads to female participation in previously male-dominated fields. According to some studies, high-school athletes earn more than non-athletes. In many states, the disparity is significant.

Despite these disparities, males and females are equally capable of participating in school sports. But there are still gender-based issues with athletic representation, governance, and perception. Girls are still considered less competent than men and are only taken seriously if they’re athletically beautiful. Because they are not considered feminine, women are viewed as lesbians unless they’re perceived as being beautiful. In addition, female athletes who play sports dominated by males are often stigmatized and vilified.

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