The Definition of Environment

The word Environment refers to a large range of things, including living and non-living things. It is an umbrella term for all natural phenomena. In its most general sense, it refers to the Earth. The term is most commonly used to refer to Earth. But it can also refer to many other things, including human cultures. Here are some definitions and terms to consider when defining the environment. Read on to discover more. Hopefully, you’ll find these terms useful.

The word environment comes from the Middle French preposition environ, meaning “around”. It can refer to the natural world, but it can also be used to describe everyday life, such as the air and sunlight that we breathe. In this way, the term environment can refer to a region’s ecosystems and the human activities that take place within them. The following definitions describe what an environment is and what it offers human society. It is a system of living organisms and the biotic and abiotic components that make up that environment.

The environment is divided into three major types: physical, chemical, and biological. These environments all impact the survival, evolution, and development of living things. It can be on a small or large scale. But what is it, and how do we define it? Environmental scientists look at the entire ecosystem. Despite its wide scope, a key definition of environment is that it is the ‘field’ in which living things exist. The term ‘environment’ is commonly used interchangeably with the ecological term ‘ecosystem’. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms that are interdependent.

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